Tips For Aging Without Compromising Your Lifestyle

12. Obesity. An epidemic that can be avoided or reversed with proper support, sustainable healthier lifestyle choices, deep commitments to change, and shining lights on the aspects of yourself that will sabotage your success.

I think of these issues as three separate but overlapping circles. male menopause affects all men, sometime between the ages of 40 and 55, though it can start as early as 35 or as late as 65. Irritable male syndrome affects a smaller, but still significant number of men(perhaps 60-80%). Male-type depression affects a smaller number of men. We’ve assumed that women suffer depression at rates that are twice the rate of men. But my research shows that many depressed men are underdiagnosed and undertreated because we use the wrong criteria for diagnosis.

Restoring your hormones is a fantastic tip for aging. Depletion of stamina, vitality, and sexuality is the outcome of diminishing hormones in your program, which occurs as you age. Talk with your doctor in the event you are thinking about doing some hormone substitution therapy.

Have regular screening tests. Screening is essential because early detection is important in the treatment of an illness. A great example is the importance of having a yearly Pap Smear. Ladies, who are 21 years old and older, must have this screening test to detect cervical cancer. Check with your medical doctor for a men health screening schedule, so that you are able to correctly monitor your well being. Early detection is quite